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Mustards - Aldrich Farms ~ Bellingham, WA


At the behest of loyal customers, Aldrich Farms developed a line of mustards made with the finest quality herbs, spices and seasonings available. All of our gourmet mustards are wonderful on sandwiches, and are delicious in sauces and vinaigrettes. Award Winning Mustard...Bellingham mustard and preserve makers Aldrich Farms took home a gold medal at the 2011 World-Wide Mustard Competition, hosted by the National Mustard Museum.

Sweet-n-Hot Mustard

CODE: 40501

Price: $4.95

Raspberry Mustard Raspberry Mustard

CODE: 40101

Price: $4.95

Raspberry Chipotle Mustard Raspberry Chipotle Mustard

CODE: 40401

Price: $4.95

Orange Citrus

CODE: 40801

Price: $4.50

Garlic Mustard

CODE: 40701

Price: $4.95

Champagne Mustard Champagne Mustard

CODE: 40201

Price: $4.95

Bourbon Molasses

CODE: 40601

Price: $4.95

Apple Chipotle Mustard

CODE: 40301

Price: $4.95